InsertCoin HTC ONE v6.0-5 Sense 5.5 Android 4.3 | Sprint Support | T-MO WiFi Calling

6.0-5(same as r289 SVN) – No full wipe coming from 5.0-x/6.0-x! but choose INSTALL WITHOUT WIPING and NOT UPDATE ONLY

- updated Hangouts
- updated Google Now (search)
- updated Google+
- updated Facebook
- updated SuperSU
- updated V4A to
- all apks reoptimized with SDK 22.3
- all issues about hangouts, plus, google launcher and google search should be fixed now
- cleanup old files

InsertCoin Nightly Project

(useful for those who always want the latest and greatest. and dont always want to download 900 zips)
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Custom Full ROM

Download from xdafileserver
Download from androidfilehost
MD5: 16d9696c0b11c2f0da23f128e14b537c


Download from devhost – Firmware update is optional. does NOT contain kernel and recovery.
Hboot Version: 1.55
Radio Version: 4A.21.3263.04_10.38m.1157.04L
MD5: f4ccb0daa11fbea72929d9fb2939db90