InsertCoin HTC ONE v4.0-1 GoogleEdition Android 4.4 KitKat

4.0-1 – recommended full wipe if you run into isues before reporting anything

Flash using TWRP

- updated base to 3.58.1700.5
- Android 4.4 (kitkat)
- unsecured boot.img and rooted with koush superuser
- init.d support
- busybox
- Advanced Power Menu
- removed system write protection from kernel (kernel is build from sources)
- deodexed
- optimized
- stripped debugging info
- zipaligned
- Optional Volume Wake
- Optional Disable Fast Dormancy
- Optional remove 3dot menu (you need a custom kernel with logo2menu if you use this option)
- Optional Xposed Framework.
- Optional Option to ODEX ROM (needs more testing though – Seems it doesn’t work yet!)
- etc.

InsertCoin Nightly Project

(useful for those who always want the latest and greatest. and dont always want to download 900 zips)
Project Home
Commits Log
Wiki: How to set up SVN and build rom

Custom Full ROM

Download from xdafileserver
Download from androidfilehost
MD5: b166cb6237f018e721706d9dea16ba7f

3.58.1700.5 Firmware (reuploaded – removed stock recovery from zip)

Firmware update isn’t mandatory!Contains Radio And Hboot, You need to be S-OFF for firmware update!
Download from
MD5: 0de9c57e9134389d12bfadf705aed6eb

4 Responses to “InsertCoin HTC ONE v4.0-1 GoogleEdition Android 4.4 KitKat”

  1. Was just wondering when that 4.4 GPE would drop and here it is. You reading my mind?

  2. also, “connect with twitter” seems to be broken :-/

  3. Kai150 says:

    Hi Baad… I’ve been following the numerous posts about installing this ROM on XDA and can’t post there as I’m new. I basically had the same bootloop issue that others are experiencing and was only able to install after setting S-Off which I was only able to do using RumRunner

    Thought this might help someone!

    Thanks for all your top notch work :)