InsertCoin HTC ONE v4.0-3 GoogleEdition Android 4.4 KitKat

4.0-2 – recommended full wipe if you run into isues before reporting anything

Flash using TWRP

- added optional stock % battery
- fixed APM color, fixed permissions.
- added option to remove currents, books, movies, keep, games, movies
- fixed paid market apps issue.
- updated Xposed Framework to 2.4 beta 2

InsertCoin Nightly Project

(useful for those who always want the latest and greatest. and dont always want to download 900 zips)
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Commits Log
Wiki: How to set up SVN and build rom

Custom Full ROM

Download from xdafileserver
Download from androidfilehost
Download from amazon cloud – kindly provided by trjlive
MD5: ef19e3bcf31cdc6363c54a22430929fe

3.58.1700.5 Firmware (reuploaded – removed stock recovery from zip)

Firmware update isn’t mandatory!Contains Radio And Hboot, You need to be S-OFF for firmware update!
Download from
MD5: 0de9c57e9134389d12bfadf705aed6eb