InsertCoin HTC ONE v7.0-2 Sense 5.5 Android 4.4

7.0-2-repack (same as r6 SVN) – Full wipe Recommended

- fixed odexed script (sorry forgot to include the updated one
- build.prop fixes
- small fixes

7.0-2(same as r3 SVN) – Full wipe Recommended

Flash using TWRP

- Android 4.4 with Sense 5.5
- based on HTC Dev Edition 4.06.1540-2
- all 3rd party apps updated to their latest versions
- unsecured boot.img
- rooted
- latest busybox
- init.d support
- fully writeable /system (even for S-ON users)
- removed HTC / Google logging
- cleaned
- stripped debugging info
- optimized and zipaligned
- speed and battery improvements
- Advanced Power Menu
- 20 Editable Quick Tiles in Quick Settings
- Flashlight Quick Tile
- Long Press Back Softkey to kill active app.
- Prism (Sense launcher) with extended menu support
- Prism with 5×6 Appdrawer Grid Option
- Camera: Enabled 360 Panorama
- Camera: Volume Down Key – starts video recording
- Camera: Volume Up Key- takes picture
- Camera: 99% jpeg quality
- Prism w/ landscape support
- Prism with 4×5 Widget Area
- Center Statusbar clock
- Remove Statusbar clock completely
- Stock % battery
- Remove battery icon completely
- Turn screen on when SMS is received
- Disable HTC Mail enforced security
- Force only GPU rendering
- Disable noise cancellation algorithm
- AOSP Recenets Apps Style
- Inline Quick Settings (aka Minor QS or HEQS)
- CRT-OFF Animation
- Remove photo grid for low-res contact pics
- GEL (Google Experience Launcher)
- Facebook Home
- De-Sense the rom (and use alternative launcher from the one above or from Play store)
- Replace Koush Superuser with Chainfire SuperSU
- Xposed Framework
- Viper4Android Audio Enhancement
- Sony’s X-Reality Engine
- Lower Proximity Sensor Sensibility (useful if you have issue during calls)
- Loud sound mode (will make your phone sound louder)
- Stock Android 4.4 Camera (does NOT replace Sense Camera, you’ll have the both installed)
- Stock Android 4.4 Keyboard (does NOT replace Sense Keyboard, you’ll have both installed)
- Disable HTC Color Enhancement (truer colors)
- Disable NFC Persistent Notifications
- and many many more

InsertCoin Nightly Project

(useful for those who always want the latest and greatest. and dont always want to download 900 zips)
Project Home
Commits Log
Wiki: How to set up SVN and build rom

Custom Full ROM

Download from xdafileserver
Download from afh
Download from
Mega CO NZ
MD5: 8145779bc68e17ac5881a35753989aa6 *


Download from – Firmware update is optional. does NOT contain kernel and recovery.
MD5: d27abb657b069f3ffe26795da4d5b08e

25 Responses to “InsertCoin HTC ONE v7.0-2 Sense 5.5 Android 4.4”

  1. Volker Rupprecht says:

    Great! One question: you offer two versions of Kitkat. what does repack mean? Thanks a lot!

    • baadnewz says:

      i updated now the post to show repack changes

      - fixed odexed script (sorry forgot to include the updated one
      - build.prop fixes
      - small fixes

  2. Selçuk says:

    What is the order of ROM and Firmware?
    Should i flash ROM via TWRP then flash firmware w/ fastboot command?

  3. Mausman says:

    Hi Baad,
    First of all thx for the great rom.

    Just a quiestion:
    Is it possible to implement this in your rom?
    Then it would be more the great :)

  4. James Barber says:

    was wondering doe’s this work with sprint

  5. Ericthebaconator says:

    I have TWRP v2.6.3.3 and it fails everytime I try to flash the 4.4 repacked rom (
    E: unable to open zip file)

    My phone is S-off and has 3.62.401.1 firmware. Any ideas as to why I’m getting the failure?

  6. Robert says:

    Hello. I have a Sprint HTC One and had InsertCoin HTC ONE v6.0-5 Sense 5.5 Android 4.3.

    I saw the new update v7.0-2 with Android 4.4

    I downloaded and followed the same succesful process I had with the previous v6.0-5 install.

    I should have stopped when there was no sprint phone listed, I chose International.

    I completed the install, but came up with Install Failed Error -7 or Failed -7

    It then said no root was installed and to install, I did that too, probably anothe rmistake. And then It took me to the White Tampered/ Unloced page with Fastboot and the options. None do anything except power off or come back to same screen.

    I am guessing everything is wiped, but I do have a backup on my PC, but its’s just wierd files.

    What would you recommend? Sorry for the troubles, I appreciate any help but understand I made my own decisions. No worries either way your work is amazing, cheers.

    • baadnewz says:

      sprint support isn’t included in ic 7.x yet. we are working hard to get it working but for now only ic 6.x works on sprint

  7. Felix says:

    First of all, amazing rom and i appreciate Your work very much.
    But I did not find a page to report bugs and attach pictures, so i might do this now. The rom runs buttery smooth with the new bulletproof or elementalx kernel. But when you open the Google Playstore and hit the search button, the icon left in the search bar and the icon for voice search seem to be corrupted. The have some weird graphical issues. I am also experiencing this in the Opera Browser in the download section. The icons are not corrupted, but there is clearly something wrong. Everything is working fine, though.

    If you want some screenshots, i just need to know where to upload them.
    If you already know this issue and possibly have a solution, i would appreciate it.

    Either way, i am really enjoying this rom and thank you so much for your speed in updates and all the effort you are putting into this project. Thank you.

    • baadnewz says:

      no need for screenshots i what you are saying. is more of a cosmetic bug doesn’t affect functionality

      • Felix says:

        Yeah it’s nothing big, just good to hear you are aware of that and it is not my phone crying for help, because i did something wrong.
        Thank you for the lightning fast reply!

  8. Catalin says:

    Hello baadnewz,
    I just switched from ARHD to InsertCoin and I can say that I love your ROM!

    Btw: La Multi Ani!

  9. Volker says:

    Hello baadnewz, your Rom runs like hell with bulletproof kernel. I love Swype to wake. Could you please include bulletproof (or swype to wake) in aroma installer? Please!

    • baadnewz says:

      s2w is kernel dependent. I can’t put s2w in stock kernel and i will not include a custom kernel in the rom. feel free to flash any custom kernel you fancy

  10. Stackhouse says:

    Hi baadz,I’m comin from a previous sense 5.5 jb4.3of your I’ve tried installing 7.0.3the process goes through successfully but when it’s time to reboot the phone it goes in to recovery mode then cuts out I have a Vodafone HTC one unlocked. Can u tell what’s wrong?

    • baadnewz says:

      I believe it’s a bad flash or a corrupt download. Verify md5 and reflash

  11. Nap Jusy says:

    hello !!! my phone is htc one international model

    i’m install this rom complete all step but when finished its show Install Failed Error -7 or Failed -7

    what should i do ???

    • baadnewz says:

      You should read the requirements more exactly to update your custom recovery