InsertCoin HTC ONE v7.0-3 Sense 5.5 Android 4.4

Flash using TWRP with CWM

7.0-3 (same as r19 SVN) – No wipe needed coming from 7.xx

- fixed WiFi issues some users were experiencing
- fixed RW system for S-ON users
- fixed loud sound mode optional
- enabled Runtime selection in Settings Development (props jerrylzy) – make not mistake ART is still not working!
- disabled help and quicktips
- enabled show hardware information
- enabled developer options by default
- updated Xposed Framework to 2.4
- updated Superuser to
- updated SuperSU optional to 1.8.0
7.0-2-repack (r6 SVN)
- fixed odexed script (sorry forgot to include the updated one
- build.prop fixes
- small fixes
7.0-2(same as r3 SVN) – Full wipe Recommended

- Android 4.4 with Sense 5.5
- based on HTC Dev Edition 4.06.1540-2
- all 3rd party apps updated to their latest versions
- unsecured boot.img
- rooted
- latest busybox
- init.d support
- fully writeable /system (even for S-ON users)
- removed HTC / Google logging
- cleaned
- stripped debugging info
- optimized and zipaligned
- speed and battery improvements
- Advanced Power Menu
- 20 Editable Quick Tiles in Quick Settings
- Flashlight Quick Tile
- Long Press Back Softkey to kill active app.
- Prism (Sense launcher) with extended menu support
- Prism with 5×6 Appdrawer Grid Option
- Camera: Enabled 360 Panorama
- Camera: Volume Down Key – starts video recording
- Camera: Volume Up Key- takes picture
- Camera: 99% jpeg quality
- Prism w/ landscape support
- Prism with 4×5 Widget Area
- Center Statusbar clock
- Remove Statusbar clock completely
- Stock % battery
- Remove battery icon completely
- Turn screen on when SMS is received
- Disable HTC Mail enforced security
- Force only GPU rendering
- Disable noise cancellation algorithm
- AOSP Recenets Apps Style
- Inline Quick Settings (aka Minor QS or HEQS)
- CRT-OFF Animation
- Remove photo grid for low-res contact pics
- GEL (Google Experience Launcher)
- Facebook Home
- De-Sense the rom (and use alternative launcher from the one above or from Play store)
- Replace Koush Superuser with Chainfire SuperSU
- Xposed Framework
- Viper4Android Audio Enhancement
- Sony’s X-Reality Engine
- Lower Proximity Sensor Sensibility (useful if you have issue during calls)
- Loud sound mode (will make your phone sound louder)
- Stock Android 4.4 Camera (does NOT replace Sense Camera, you’ll have the both installed)
- Stock Android 4.4 Keyboard (does NOT replace Sense Keyboard, you’ll have both installed)
- Disable HTC Color Enhancement (truer colors)
- Disable NFC Persistent Notifications
- and many many more

InsertCoin Nightly Project

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Custom Full ROM

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