InsertCoin Kustomizer v1.2.2

InsertCoin Kustomizer is a flashable zip that allows you to change different ROM themes, options and mods without you having to download / reflash the whole ROM:

  • weather icons mods
  • notification icons mods
  • window transition animations mods
  • fonts
  • battery icons mods
  • clock types mods
  • Transparency mods (translucent)
  • Recent apps style mods

After flashing InsertCoin ROM perform a complete first boot, then reboot to recovery and flash kustomizer


- fixed odex script
- updated kitkat battery – props deagleone

Download: from xdafileserver

Download: from androidfilehost

md5sum: e2108236c87c29350a18cb2104dca00b

SVN: Project Home

10 Responses to “InsertCoin Kustomizer v1.2.2”

  1. GarrettS says:

    Thanks for the hard work Baad. I love the roms.

    I’m having an issue with 7.0-3 and Kustomizer 1.2.2. I was able to install 7.0-3 using TWRP and let it boot and settle. I then go back to install Kustomizer 1.2.2 and the install sits at 0% indefinitely after I’ve gone through the options in aroma and click install. What can I do?

    Thanks again.

    • baadnewz says:

      Reboot and try again this time go slowly throat aroma options

      • GarrettS says:

        That worked. Guess I’m too excited. Thanks!

      • Miron says:

        Hi, add the same issue like GarrettS above, even after 2 reboots. couldn’t proceed and when i thought I’ve succeeded, it turn me to a bad boot-loop… please advice. seems to be a bug.

        • baadnewz says:

          there is nothing wrong with kustomizer, the issue lies between aroma and recovery. only way is to erase cache and try again

  2. jcamachott says:

    Hi, small issue with transparency. I tried it out and decided I wanted to go back to normal but no matter what I choose e.g. Sense, or NO MODS I sill get a transparent notification drop down. I guess I will wait until the next release or will just reflash the ROM.

  3. Miron says:

    while trying to recover my preferred after installing insercoin 7.0.5 it lead me to bootloop, any expected updates soon?