InsertCoin M8 2.4.0 | 1.54.401.5 | Android 4.4.2 Sense 6 | | ROM Kontrol – Tweaks | Stable| Performance | All M8 Variants Supported

Flash using the official M8 TWRP Custom Recovery

InsertCoin M8 2.4.0 (same as SVN R101)

Do NOT use UPDATE-ONLY option in AROMA (Flash without wipe is ok!)
- Verizon and Sprint – fixed OTA not working
- Verizon: fixed Data Usage
- Sprint: forced removed Spark and GPS Icon
- Sprint: fixed native tethering
- updated Google Plays apps (facebook / dropbox)
- added PerApp support to Music app
- reverted to stock windows animations
- added DE TR NL ES translations for Simple APM
- disabled QuickTips
- Added InsertCoin Blue Theme (Green color PerApp Kontrol wont work anymore)
- Major Aroma overhaul
- Gave Setup wizard a InsertCoin identity
- Replaced XT9 watermark with InsertCoin watermark
- Added three optional Advanced Power Menus – Stock, Extended & Slim
- Added optional Grid Mask removal for contacts, messages, phone
- Added InsertCoin Wallpaper and set as default (only if full wipe is performed)
- overall speed improvements

Full ROM

InsertCoin Mirror (US Based) – provided by trjlive
InsertCoin Mirror (EU Based) – provided by deagleone
AFH Mirror – provided by Android File Host (multiple servers)

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