InsertCoin M7 2.5.0 | 1.54.401.5 | Android 4.4.2 Sense 6 | | ROM Kontrol – Tweaks | myHUB | Stable| Performance

Flash using a recovery that supports Android 4.4

InsertCoin 2.5.0 (SVN R219)

- fixed magicapp by magicjack FC (full rom only)
- Fixed optional fastdormancy and DPI settings in Aroma (full rom only)
- Fixed Watermark misalignment in keyboard for Russian and some more languages in portrait and landscape mode
- Added Tweaks: Enable/Disable BlinkFeed Full pictures (credits kuchivas for the original mod)
- Added Tweaks: Enable/Disable Safe Volume Warning
- disabled Runtime selection (yes ART does NOT work, move along) (full rom only)
- removed myHUB (preparing for something nice )
- replaced RILD should fix sim / signal issues some users reported
- improved sound quality
- added motion gestures (you still need custom kernel and the xposed service)
- updated market apps (full rom only)

Full ROM

InsertCoin Mirror (US Based) – provided by trjlive
InsertCoin Mirror (EU Based) – provided by deagleone
AFH Mirror – provided by Android File Host (multiple servers)

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OTA 2.4.0 TO 2.5.0

InsertCoin Mirror (EU Based) – provided by deagleone

Fix for Verizon – fixes HK not showing in Setttings

Download Verizon Fix Flashable zip