One X

InsertCoin Evolution ONE X 19.0-4 Sense 5 Android 4.2.2

- fixed Wifi issues – props RichmondoUK

Custom Full ROM

mirror provided by Korumera
Download from androidfilehost
MD5: bc356e0f27ee09d9fec0811aef241b78

InsertCoin Evolution ONE X 19.0-3 Sense 5 Android 4.2.2

- updated market apps
- 100 jpeg quality
- fixed Sense Home Screen Menu Text

Custom Full ROM

mirror provided by Korumera
Download from androidfilehost
MD5: a05d48f838ba909f2b3655721bb614f8

InsertCoin Evolution ONE X 19.0-2 Sense 5 Android 4.2.2

- rebased to 4.18.401.2
- moved SuperUser to /system
- all previous mods and tweaks included

Custom Full ROM

mirror provided by Korumera
MD5: e36791bb4345cac7c0474094e2322938

InsertCoin Evolution ONE X 19.0-1 Sense 5 Android 4.2.2

- rebuild from scratch
- sense 5 w/ android 4.2.2
- base 4.18.401.1 props LlabTooFeR
- added Advanced Power Menu
- added menu for launcher (press menu key in home screen to open launcher menu)
- added optional CRT OFF animation
- added optional 30 steps volume mod
- update font to android 4.3
- changed windows transition animations to the ones from 4.3 (smoother experience)
- stripped debugging info
- all the things I forgot

Custom Full ROM

mirror provided by Korumera
MD5: c6ecc6a79580ae33059efbcdcad67bc6

InsertCoin Evolution ONE X 18.1.0 JellyBean and Sense 4+

- redesigned AROMA options. i’ve kept the most used ones. Should eliminate most errors.
- after a week of trial and error, i changed a bit the odex option, it won’t run in recovery no matter what I do, but runs just fine on 1st boot or from adb shell by running odex command
wait to complete phone will reboot. enjoy

Custom Full ROM – mirror provided by Korumera – mirror1 provided by Korumera
MD5: a2b18543d8e0e3b5c5c8420effa2b041

InsertCoin Evolution ONE X 18.0.5 JellyBean and Sense 4+

- updated market apps
- optimized with latest SDK 22
- added facebook home to the list of alternative launchers (who uses it btw?)
- speed improvements via init.d script
- apks zipaligned on boot
- fstrim ran on flashing for partition performances
- hopefully all bugs fixed

Custom Full ROM – mirror provided by Korumera – mirror1 provided by Korumera
MD5: b4160571f10fe706a209b97db8c76eb6

InsertCoin Evolution ONE X 18.0.4 JellyBean and Sense 4+

- fixed for good Widgets FC. It wasn’t related to ROM and if right conditions were met it would happen on any custom rom running modded system files.(example: I saw users reporting same bug in lyapota’s thread running other roms)
Issue was happening when phone was running low on memory and Android was closing said widgets. When those widgets were executed again they were ran under different uid => FC. Solution was to stop Android from killing those widgets. the actual code to make system stop closing the widget is from m0narx. so all props to him.


InsertCoin Evolution ONE X 18.0.3 JellyBean and Sense 4+

- updated Google translate, Es File Explorer, Google Search, SoundHound Freemium
- added Sense 5 Font optional
- fixed sense 5 icons for calendar
- fixed updater-script not removing if selected: browser, messages, calendar, mail


InsertCoin Evolution ONE X 18.0.2 JellyBean and Sense 4+

- fixed Random FC for music widget / clock widget / profile widget
- fixed leftovers on sdcard: vrtheme and vrtheme-backup


InsertCoin Evolution ONE X 18.0.1 JellyBean and Sense 4+

- updated lyapota’s mod to 6.6
- fixed no Sense 5 icons for Messages / Browser
- clean-up vrthemes and vrtheme-backup on install so it won’t show in your gallery.