HTC One M8 Android 5.1 and Sense 7 Update Date

According to @HTC_UK Twitter account Android 5.1 with Sense 7 update for HTC One M8 will be available in August 2015.


Given HTC’s history it will probably be last week from August so we still have about 4 months to wait. Hopefully some leaks will pop up earlier and until then at least we have HTC One M9’s Sense 7 running flawlessly on HTC One M8

Benchmark: HTC ONE M7 vs M8 vs M9

A friend of mine benchmarked M7 (stock rom) vs M8 (running InsertCoin) vs M9 (stock rom). Full article here (Warning! Written in Romanian!).

While the article is written in Romanian, the video of the benchmark is in English so take a look below.

It seems sometimes optimized software closes the gap between newer and older hardware (M8 running InsertCoin Rom vs M9 running latest stock rom)

HTC ONE M9 vs Samsung Galaxy S6, a real life subjective comparison

Earlier this week I asked your opinion about this year’s phones. Seems so far M9 is leading. I’ve spent some time with both HTC ONE M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 (not EDGE) and while the time spent with them was short, was enough to form an opinion.


Samsung’s Touchwiz is improved by a lot compared to previous versions. It doesn’t lag anymore but it feels unfinished, the looks of it make it look like it’s intended target were kids and teens, it doesn’t seem unified, ergonomics is pretty bad and sometimes it feels like you are running parts from 3 Custom UIs not one. But at least is smooth-er 🙂
HTC’s Sense looks professional, it is smooth, it is intuitive, you find the things you need were you expect to find them.
Sure I might be subjective since I’m used to Sense more than with Touchwiz, but as I said, this is a subjective review and it is my personal point of view.

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Flagship smartphone for 2015

If you are in the market for a new phone this year, or you already bought one, what is / was your preference ?

If you feel like you need to argument your choice do it so in the comments below.

What flagship smartphone you fancy in 2015?

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HTC ONE M9 S-OFF Available

After a couple of weeks since release HTC ONE M9 got S-OFF. Only issue is you have to be unlocked via htcdev and rooted prior to running the Sunshine app. So if you like your device freedom and have a few bucks to spare head over to TheRoot.Ninja Website download the app and profit


What is S-OFF and why should you care?
S-Off stands for Security Off and gives you total freedom on your device, you can change you CID / MID, reset flags like unlocked or tampered, flash unsigned firmware on your device or change it from a carrier device to a WWE or Developer One. But with great powers comes great responsibility so make sure you know what your doing after you S-OFF your device. Or at least read some tutorials 🙂

To M9 or not to M9?

HTC One M9 has been presented at MWC and probably by now is available in most parts of the world. Either if you have one already, or you read the good (and bad) reviews or played with one in a store, most likely you made up your mind about it. Would you upgrade your current phone to HTC One M9? Will go for other flagship phone? Or you are happy with your current phone. Leave your thoughts below, and here’s my 2 cents about it:

The good:
– design is more refined
– SoC is more powerful (but is pretty hot)
– bigger battery
– Sense 7 (which is still best custom UI)
– camera?
– more RAM (again looks good on papers, but 64 bit eats more memory, so is kinda of the same)

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