To M9 or not to M9?

HTC One M9 has been presented at MWC and probably by now is available in most parts of the world. Either if you have one already, or you read the good (and bad) reviews or played with one in a store, most likely you made up your mind about it. Would you upgrade your current phone to HTC One M9? Will go for other flagship phone? Or you are happy with your current phone. Leave your thoughts below, and here’s my 2 cents about it:

The good:
– design is more refined
– SoC is more powerful (but is pretty hot)
– bigger battery
– Sense 7 (which is still best custom UI)
– camera?
– more RAM (again looks good on papers, but 64 bit eats more memory, so is kinda of the same)

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  1. Broodn
    Broodn says:

    Will be holding off on the M9. M8 will eventually get Sense 7 which is the best sense yet. As long as Insertcoin is on the M8 there is no reason to upgrade.

  2. vlad48
    vlad48 says:

    No M9 (+) for me this year. It is just boring and expensive old fashioned set of overpriced HW and have new nothing to offer:
    -shitty camera
    – Clumsy SoC
    – Closed sources and tons of bugs in first 6 months
    – Sense 7 (not a plus anymore)
    – Stereo speakers – Far from my teen ages of using those

    only one big plus here:
    + is you Baad and the community
    So it is still to consider, but not now, maybe in an year…

  3. Crugath
    Crugath says:

    I picked up the M9 almost a week ago now. I’m really enjoying it. It’s a great refinement of the M7 I had before. InsertCoin ROM was the best ROM I’d used on the M7 and I hope that this continues with the M9!

    I’ve found the M9 to be an improvement in every way over the M7. The camera, using the default settings, is a little underwhelming. However, if you reduce the sharpening (or disable it entirely by setting it to –2), and sharpen the image afterwards either in a photo editor on the phone, or using Photoshop, it produces some very nice images, and it’s by far the best camera I’ve had on a mobile device. While many are shouting about it not being as good as the iPhone 6’s or Galaxy S6’s cameras, it’s still hardly a disappointment.

    Still undecided about the battery life, it’s better than the M7 certainly, which is the least I can ask for.

    The M9 does get warm when it’s under heavy load, but no more so than my M7 did. It doesn’t appear to throttle any noticeable amount either. Although admittedly I don’t often play games on my phone, and when I do, it’s usually the Kairo-crack games or something similarly lightweight.

    Sense 7 is really nice, definitely the nicest OEM skin I’ve seen, and, dare I say it, I prefer it to stock Android 5.x.

    I haven’t yet unlocked my M9, and put TWRP and InsertCoin on, but I am planning on doing so this weekend. It can only get better from here, with baad’s good work…

    • baadnewz
      baadnewz says:

      upgrading from m7 to m9 is definitely worth it for all the reasons you said and probably even more. The hard decision for HTC fans is when upgrading from m8 to m9 . (like my case) especially when this year alternatives are not to be neglected (my blog post reason)

  4. pigr8
    pigr8 says:

    Upgraded from M7 o M8 thanks to an incredible offer, but both phones were converted to GPE.. no M9 GPE so i’m gonna fold this time, no real advantage to sell a M8 for the newer version.. the only points to consider an upgrade are OIS and Quick Charge but they are not included so let’s wait for the next one this time.

  5. chroust
    chroust says:

    I still have M7, with Sense 7 (thanks!) and so far I’m not 100% sure, if I’ll pick up M9. Yes, it’s a nice phone, yes it’s much better than M7, but the price here in Czech republic is 730 EURO, it’s even 5 EURO more than S6. And for that money I don’t know… I still love my M7, but I’d like to have 5″+ display and for the first time since HTC TOUCH DIAMOND I’ll look outside HTC for the phone. Maybe I’ll buy M8, maybe a new Desire or even a different brand. Still not 100% decided. M9 is just missing the WOW effect for me (with M7 it was like damn I need to have this thing asap).

  6. konichiki
    konichiki says:

    I getting My M9 this week and can’t wait of it. Using my M7 almost for 2 Years and thanks to Insertcoin it was the Best Device i ever had. Hope the next 2 Years will be the same. Sure this Device is Very expensive, over 700 Euro Here in Germany But Hey, the Time is over i need a new flagship ever year.

  7. Airton
    Airton says:

    In fact using 1080p screen is a huge plus for me, which allows much better graphic performance in games and graphic intensive applications.
    The big drawback is their 1080p screen didn’t use the latest tech(same old panel, no gamut or brightness or contrast upgrade). To be honest I would love to see a 90% NTSC gamut 1080p screen.

    As their camera, the lack of OIS is a bit disappointing. But quality-wise I would see if software updates will improve that as that Toshiba sensor is a very latest model, AFAIK all Lumia phones that use Toshiba sensor have great picture output, so I have confidence on the hardware.

    I love enjoy my whole music library on the go with HTC One. 1) SD slot, just throw a 64G card with all my music 2) Outstanding headphone output, best in class sound quality. Plug my UE900 in and it’s heaven.(Go to GSMarena and check their audio part of review if you don’t know what I’m saying)

    Yet currently my M8 served me well so I may skip the M9 though :/

  8. Postrach
    Postrach says:

    Im still using m7 and im not going to change it , just dont need more powerfull soc i wish only much better camera but in m9 it isnt rly good maybe in future they’ll improve that.

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