HTC ONE M9 S-OFF Available

After a couple of weeks since release HTC ONE M9 got S-OFF. Only issue is you have to be unlocked via htcdev and rooted prior to running the Sunshine app. So if you like your device freedom and have a few bucks to spare head over to TheRoot.Ninja Website download the app and profit


What is S-OFF and why should you care?
S-Off stands for Security Off and gives you total freedom on your device, you can change you CID / MID, reset flags like unlocked or tampered, flash unsigned firmware on your device or change it from a carrier device to a WWE or Developer One. But with great powers comes great responsibility so make sure you know what your doing after you S-OFF your device. Or at least read some tutorials 🙂

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  1. Guido Haesen
    Guido Haesen says:

    Thanks for the info. S-offed my m9. $25 is a lot of money, but I need it

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