HTC ONE M9 vs Samsung Galaxy S6, a real life subjective comparison

Earlier this week I asked your opinion about this year’s phones. Seems so far M9 is leading. I’ve spent some time with both HTC ONE M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 (not EDGE) and while the time spent with them was short, was enough to form an opinion.


Samsung’s Touchwiz is improved by a lot compared to previous versions. It doesn’t lag anymore but it feels unfinished, the looks of it make it look like it’s intended target were kids and teens, it doesn’t seem unified, ergonomics is pretty bad and sometimes it feels like you are running parts from 3 Custom UIs not one. But at least is smooth-er 🙂
HTC’s Sense looks professional, it is smooth, it is intuitive, you find the things you need were you expect to find them.
Sure I might be subjective since I’m used to Sense more than with Touchwiz, but as I said, this is a subjective review and it is my personal point of view.

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  1. Ced357
    Ced357 says:

    Hello, iam HTC fan from ten years, one day I have buy a Samsung s3, but I don’t like touchwiz, last year I have buy a lg g3, I like it, but sense is missing me, what I need to buy HTC one m10, is qi charge…

  2. Ced357
    Ced357 says:

    And no HTC logo at bottom… No black bar…better screen optimization, and the best screen size for me 5.2″, like Motorola moto x 2nd gen…

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