HTC Apps Updates

As you may have already noticed HTC pushed updates in Google Play Store for HTC Sense Home, HTC IME (keyboard), and HTC Lockscreen. If you took the updates you probably noticed that InsertCoin tweaks don’t work anymore . So without further adieu here is a flahable zip with the updated apks and tweaks:

Recovery flashable zip for HTC One M9(AFH servers)

Recovery flashable zip for HTC One M8(AFH servers)

Recovery flashable zip for HTC One M7(AFH servers)

Sense Home (Prism Launcher) freeze fix.

This update is for InsertCoin M7 7.1.2, InsertCoin M8 7.1.8, InsertCoin (ICE) M9 3.1.1 and addresses the Sense Home Freezing Issue.

Download recovery flashable zip:

IC Market is retired (closed)

Since no matter how many time i post in forums, someone always misses that line and asks again.

InsertCoin Market is retired and no longer maintained. Most of the mods I already included as optional mods in AROMA install wizard or as tweaks in the tweaks app. Its was too much resources hog to keep maintaining IC Market. Sorry.