ICE 3.1.0 Stable Android Nougat 7.0 for HTC 10

ICE for HTC 10 updated: Grab it while is hot from HTC 10 Download
v3.1.0 Changelog:
– complete rebase to Android N 7.0
– base 2.28.617.8 with WWE Configuration files
– signal strengh tweak moved to signal cluster
– US Unlocked support (VERIZON TOO)
– Telstra AU option added
– global Google Assistant option (as seen on Pixel)
– Pixel Launcher Option
– SuperSU or Magisk + SuperUser Root Options
– Stock or CleanSlate Kernel options
– Update hacked Exchange Mail – Thanks @Electronic Punk
– Option to have functional fingerprint sensor / home button with old MM firmware
– AROMA options for /data encryption
– AROMA option: HTC Gallery
– AROMA option: HTC Music GP
– AROMA option: Sense 7 Widgets
– added NEW tweak to change QS tiles colums and rows number (3 / 4 / 5 / 6)
– added NEW tweak to change QS background color and transparancy (@LeeDroid)
– added NEW tweak for left status bar clock (@LeeDroid)
– added NEW tweak to color status bar clock (@LeeDroid)
– many many more
– all old tweaks ported :
Tweaks Ported:
– ported MIUI Battery Bar Tweak
– Disabled SMS2MMS Tweak
– Turn Display on when SMS arrives Tweak
– Hide HTC Sync Tweak
– Hide HTC MTP Tweak
– Sense Home Landscape tweaks
– Sense Home 5×6 Alternative app drawer grid option
– Sense Home Custom Menu tweak
– Sense Home Infite apps in folder tweak
– Additional highlight colors
– Long press back to kill
– Advanced power menu
– Long press volume mods (Media, Ambient and flashlight)
– Ambient Display
– Smooth brightness array
– Default USB hack
– Hide Boomsound notification
– Volume key cursor control
– Tweaks framework
– added Big Caller Picture tweak
– added manual call recording (after call connected hit menu (3 dots buttons) – record)
– SystemUI Tunner : Hide / Show Battery Icon, Hide / Show % Inside Battery Icon
Tweaks Ported by @LeeDroid:
– added Glove Mode tile
– added ICE Configurator tile
– Camera – 100% JPG
– HTC Lockscreen (Skip pin with FP)
– Disable quick tips
– Remove settings provider warnings
– Remove Wi-Fi calling notification
– Add ambient display toggle under display settings
– Add advanced battery history
– Remove caller photo mask
– Add call recording
– Enable SystemUI Tuner
– Enable Nav Bar menu button
– Enable Ambient display
– Add Ambient display tunables
– Double tap statusbar to sleep
– Hide battery icon
– Mixed 4G/LTE Icon
– Enable SystemUI Tuner activation
– Add Navigation Bar Tuner to SystemUI Tuner
– Add Color and appearance settings to SystemUI Tuner
– Tweak: Always allow fingerprint unlock
– Tweak: China Sense recent apps
– Tweak: Add hide powersaver notification
– Tweak: Quick settings quick pulldown (pull down from top right corner)
– Tweak: Lock QS Pulldown in lockscreen
– Tweak: Toggle quick settings brightness slider
– Enable NFC quick settings tile for all users
– Enabled Cast Quick Settings tile
– Added Screenshot & Tuner Quick Settings Tiles
– Added Caffeine Quick Settings tile
– Added USB Teather Quick Settings tile
– Added Heads Up notification toggle Quick Settings tile
– Added Sound / Vibrate / DND Quick Settings tile
– Added Bightness Quick Settings tile
– Added Statusbar traffic indicator