ICE 3.5.6 for HTC 10: Nougat, WiFi Calling & VoLTE ✓, Safety Net ✓

ICE for HTC 10 updated: Grab it while is hot from HTC 10 Downloads
– CleanSlate 2.1.0
– fixed Forced Encryption False for Magisk and NoRoot Options if TWRP 3.0.3-3 is used
– Tweak: Enable Quick Settings Vibration (@LeeDroid)
– Re-work QS Tiles (Merged back to stock HTC) (@LeeDroid)
– Highlight non toggle tiles as enabled (@LeeDroid)
– Tiles Custom color for both disabled and enabled states (thanks @Leedroid)
– updated Magisk and replaced Phh SuperUser with Magisk SuperUser
– Sprint and Verizon support improved
– force magisk.img deletion on clean install
– Enable Stock VoWiFi (TMO US & VZW), Work Mode & User QS Tiles
– Update Audio Boost Patch
– other minor fixes and improvements
Configurator Update v3.9.6:
* Advanced Location tile
* Auto Sync Tile
* QS Tile for Virtual Key BackLights
* Wi-Fi Calling QS Tile
* Add ADB QS Tile
* change tiles color
* vibration on tile press