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If you are reading this post means at least once you flashed your smartphone with a custom ROM and where did you learn about custom ROMs and found resources about them? 99.9% from
Problem with those forums is that they became filled with people with almost 0(zero) interest in developing, better say, improvement and learning; notice I didn’t say noobs because we were all noobs at some point , but because we had a bit of interest in learning or at least some self esteem to not be categorized as retards or idiots or whatever, we started to read and learn and only after that we started posting (I know this how I did, and mostly because I didn’t want people to think I’m retarded).
In 2015 the situation is different:
1. almost everyone has a smartphone, I think it will be a real challenge to find someone who doesn’t have at least 1 smartphone.
2. rooting tools became very accessible, 1 click tools as we call them and on top of that some of the most important producers even offer officials way to unlock and root your phone.

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