Hello there, we apreciate your interest in this and taking the time to read this.

How do I help?
You’ll be donating some of your GPU power to the RiCE team.

What’s wrong with good old Google Play Store purchase or Paypal Donation?

Nothing’s wrong with that, but for that you pay while this costs you nothing – well just some electricity cost but given that 1 kWh (1000 Wh) is about 0.10 USD (10 cents) and a modern GPU’s power draw is between 80 – 200 Wh (0.08 – 0.2 kWH) – depending on GPU – is close to nothing.
Here is an example:
Say your GPU draws 100 Wh (0.1 kWh) and you donate 1H / day for a month: 0.1 (GPU power usage / hour) x 30 (days in a month) x 0.10 (cost of a kWh) = 0.30 USD ( 30 cents) per month added to your electricity bill.

What does RiCE team do with that power?
It uses it for Ethereum cryptocurrency mining.

Is that legal? moral?
Yes it’s completely legal and moral. I know cryptocurrencies being anonymous is preferred on the darkweb but it can be used just as well to pay legitimately for hosting and whatever other stuff the team needs.

OK I documented myself and did some math. Seems you will make close to nothing
Yes is true, even if you run 24/7 on your 300$ last gen GPU you’ll be making pizza money but the strength is in numbers, if there are 100 people donating their GPU power 1/h per day => 100 h of mining per day, which means 4.15 days into one day which translates to, 4 month of work compressed into one month if you are donating 1h/day for one month. Won’t make RiCE millionaires but it helps a lot

All right all fair and good. How do I help? and please do not bother me with complicated tutorials and stuff
All you need is a PC with a dedicated ATI/NVIDIA GPU with at least 2 GB RAM running Windows.

What about linux
It’s beyond the scope of this small tutorial, if you really want to help us but you run windows join the telegram support group listed below

All right I have that what’s next?
Download RiCE Miner and unzip it to a location of your choosing.

You sure that stuff isn’t bundled with viruses / trojans / malware?
Feel free to scan it with whatever you want. It’s completely safe

Ok it’s clean, and I unzipped it. What’s next?
Just double click runme-nvidia.bat / runme-ati.bat depending on your GPU. A window like this should open

That’s it!. When you want to stop it just close the window. Run it again next time you want to donate some of your GPU time.

If I have questions, or need help or whatever how do i get them?
Via Telegram. Just click here to join our Telegram support group.